Bone Broth Pacific
Bone broth
has become a new health fad that is supposed to be a lot healthier than regular old "Stock". This is something new I am trying to get into - I definitely love all of the Nutritional Benefits I have read about so I figure, why not?
A few of the benefits include bone, joint, nail, skin and hair health as well as an immune booster!
I tried making my own with organic bones from Whole Foods and a bunch of veggies and spices - it wasn't that great. If you are a great cook and think you can make a nice bone broth it is definitely more economical but if not - I just buy the Pacific brand that you can get at Whole Foods, Acme, Kings, Publix, Shoprite, etc.. 
Full Disclosure - I do not love the taste - but you get used to it. I add pepper and some random spices to get it tasting a little better :)
Give it a try!
March 22, 2017 by Kiera Zielenbach

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