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Kombucha Gingerade is my new favorite thing - they have a bunch of different flavors and types of Kombucha but as you can tell from my previous posts - I LOVE ginger :) Not only is it super healthy but is also delicious!

Now that spring has sprung I am doing everything and anything to help my allergies - anybody have any natural remedies? Because I have yet to find anything that truly helps! I have gone as far as having sinus and nasal surgery - but I am back to feeling awful every time the seasons change. 

I have no choice but to take Allegra D (everyone is different but I swear by it) everyday during my bad allergy months to avoid getting a sinus infection but I would rather NOT rely on medicine everyday. So far this spring I have been taking local raw honey and probiotics (FAGE Plain Greek Yogurt 0% Fat). 

Raw honey is supposed to have a hefty dose of pollen in it so the idea is to get your body immune to it - I have heard this for a while now so I decided to give it a try. I figure it can't hurt!

Let me know your suggestions!

April 14, 2017 by Kiera Zielenbach

Bone Broth!

Bone Broth Pacific
Bone broth
has become a new health fad that is supposed to be a lot healthier than regular old "Stock". This is something new I am trying to get into - I definitely love all of the Nutritional Benefits I have read about so I figure, why not?
A few of the benefits include bone, joint, nail, skin and hair health as well as an immune booster!
I tried making my own with organic bones from Whole Foods and a bunch of veggies and spices - it wasn't that great. If you are a great cook and think you can make a nice bone broth it is definitely more economical but if not - I just buy the Pacific brand that you can get at Whole Foods, Acme, Kings, Publix, Shoprite, etc.. 
Full Disclosure - I do not love the taste - but you get used to it. I add pepper and some random spices to get it tasting a little better :)
Give it a try!
March 22, 2017 by Kiera Zielenbach

Ginger Garlic Tea

I started getting into garlic and ginger as an immune booster and other medicinal purposes a few years ago and I truly believe it helps fight off sickness!

I know people who even eat raw garlic when they are starting to feel sick - which I would definitely recommend if you can handle it - and by "eat raw garlic" I mean chew on garlic for a while and then swallow it. This is really rough so instead I make garlic tea!

I boil water as if you are making a pot of tea - and instead of putting tea bags in it - I put raw crushed garlic and chopped up ginger root! 

For 1 cup - add at least 3 cloves of garlic - and at least a tablespoon of the ginger root (just peel and chop into chunks). 

I say "at least" because you can put as much as you want - it depends on how much of the taste you can handle since both garlic and ginger are both a strong taste!

Once the water is boiled - turn off the flame - add the ginger and garlic - and let it steep!

You can leave the Garlic and Ginger chunks in there since they should be big enough that you won't swallow them. Sometimes you can keep them for your next cup of tea!

Other tasty ingredients to help with the taste (I don't always do this because I grew to love the taste of the ginger garlic tea) - Raw honey and Lemon!

My home remedies to fight off any sickness don't end here! Stay tuned for more of my concoctions that I swear by!

March 04, 2017 by Kiera Zielenbach
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